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Rumah Gahara is a production center located in Penambang, Kelantan built on the philosophy of making batik a better constructed network to assimilate the talents of the local community, and as a way of promoting several meaningful values. Rumah Gahara stands on 5 pillars that highlight these values: Academy, Artisan, Galleria, Green and Gourmet.

Pillar 1 # ACADEMY

Holds Gahara’s Artist’s Residence and training center for art enthusiasts, educators and entrepreneurs. Here at the Academy potential artisans are selected and brought in from the community and local universities for training and internship programmes. The Academy also conducts talks, workshops and interactive sessions by local and international arts and crafts experts.

Pillar 2 # ARTISAN

Focuses on the production of only the craft of Batik. Primary source of revenue stream for Gahara stems from this sector via various production of batik through OEM concepts ranging from hotels, corporate organisations and government agencies.

Pillar 3 # GALLERIA

Focuses on the retail activities of crafted merchandise available at the BoutiqueCafe in Kuala Lumpur situated beside the National Textile Museum and part of the Colonial heritage trail.

Pillar 4 # GREEN

Represents all Gahara’s efforts and endeavors toward sustainability and collective social impact. Being a textile producer, a primary concern is towards wastewater management and climate change affected by water pollution caused by the fashion, arts and craft industries combined. Gahara Green is the critical link to the other four pillars and looks into domestic and global collaboration namely among learning institutions, research centers and relevant parties to ensure cultural heritage and enterprises such as Gahara educate local artisans on the triple bottom line of ethical businesses – people, planet and profit.

Pillar 5 # GOURMET

Benchmarks on the success and inspiration of Armani/Dolci by focusing on curated food and its presentation, both local and international, with emphasis on its culture, origins and inspiring narratives. Food to the heart is akin to arts and its aesthetics to one’s soul fused and fermented in memories. Batik-making is inspired by the very same ingredients and elements of the environment that bond and nourish its communities through their appetite.




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