“It’s not Javanese batik. It’s not Malaysian batik. It’s Gahara.”

“Gahara’s success has rested on the following value proposition – personalised customer needs, original artisanal batiks and high-quality workmanship.”

Ruzzgahara is our premium label that focuses on fabric production that are original art pieces using only natural fibres from cotton to silk.

Gahara designs are premium also in terms of offering bespoke services and continued after-sales communication to its customers. This includes how to care for your fabric, how to select the best design for your fabric, to understanding Gahara’s unique batik techniques. Our signature block prints, most famous called Ketam Guri, has become a Gahara thumbprint. Dyes are primarily made from natural roots, techniques are highly complex to produce making each piece, a one-of-a-kind. Loyal clients can tell a Gahara original from all the signature prints and layered colouring techniques.

Makyong Headgear (Photo from TimeOut)
Makyong (Photo from
Cik Siti Wan Kembang

Each Ruzzgahara collection carries a unique narrative. Batik is not just about patterns and colours. The motifs and composition frames a theme inspired by local folklore such as Cik Siti Wan Kembang and Makyong. Every aspect of the local myths and legends become a source of idea for a Gahara block print. For example the dagger used by female warrior Cik Siti and the adornments worn by Makyong dancers. Other themes include flora and fauna from the nearby villages such as the flowers Ketam Guri and Pepuluy combined and used by women during confinement and later becomes well-known as our signature block.




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