Salam Ramadhan from Gahara

As we welcome the season of forgiveness and renewal, we at Gahara would like to wish you abundance of good health, joy and prosperity. 

Here are Gahara updates from CEO Natasha MH.

Our last post touched on the first 2 stretches of the Movement Control Order (MCO) from March 18 – April 14. On April 23 the Prime Minister announced another extension to May 12. On April 22, oil prices plunged to a record breaking negative and prevalent on social media, people’s morale was teetering on reserved supply tolerance. We pray that everyone remains in good health. At Gahara optimism and innovation continues. 

The KL Galleria and Boutique Cafe remain closed. Operations will most likely be up and running after Eid Mubarak with a new direction including healthier meal options inspired by the growing need to boost the immune system. Previously there were increasing requests for fresh juices and wider menu options for vegetarians, we will incorporate these.  

Rumah Gahara in Kota Bharu remains closed for operations following the MCO however all channels for calls and inquiries remain open. Inquiry for Hari Raya fabrics has started however out of respect for the many who are struggling in the community, we will not be highlighting sales on social media. Our standard discount offer continues for our customers at a revised rate of 5%. For purchasing you may contact Nur Shahini at 017 – 998 1869      

Gahara going digital. The team at Gahara has decided to redesign a new experience for our customers. And while visiting the outlets remain impossible for the time being, we are currently strengthening our digital presence. This is a pivot for Gahara as our traditional “touch-and-feel” style of selling our fabric now becomes a virtual one. We made a decision to relook our customer touchpoints seeing the plausibility of online communication becoming the way of life. One result from that is we will soon release our Gahara Galleria Catalogue on Instagram, something we are very excited about. Although the idea was decided pre-COVID19 to extend our reach abroad, we see this as an opportune moment to get into gear. This not only makes our products accessible to our remote customers and followers, but also faster for us to update on new products. In addition to our digital catalogue which should be ready by the end of April, our social media has shown more activation. Each mode provides access for customers to reach us. 

We hope the incremental changes will be as exciting for our customers as they are for us. In terms of customer service Gahara remains accommodating to your calls and delivery. Purchases are still available via direct online transfer and we can deliver your fabric within 5 working days. 

Salam Ramadhan to you and your loved ones.

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