Gahara Men: The Emancipation of MCO

Typically with all of Gahara’s collections that stem from research, The Gahara Men project was originally inspired by photographs and activism of Havana, Cuba. August/September 2020 It’s been exactly a…

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Salam Ramadhan from Gahara

As we welcome the season of forgiveness and renewal, we at Gahara would like to wish you abundance of good health, joy and prosperity.  Here are Gahara updates from CEO…

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Gahara and The New Normal 

Gahara was recently interviewed by Nasuha Browning, founder of Make It Matter Brand Consulting for her new segment called Social Brew to discuss the brand and ‘the new normal’ in…

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Gahara Batik, the Process

Not many people understand and appreciate the workmanship and art form of batik. At Gahara, our artistry begins with creating the motif. Many of ours are inspired by wood carvings…

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